Florida Originals: Monk in the Trunk Amber Ale

One of Florida’s original Belgian-inspired beers, Monk in the Trunk Amber Ale is our next honoree for Flagship February.

Inlet Brewing Company is a contract brewery (one where the beer is brewed onsite at another brewery), and one of Florida’s first certified organic beers. This amber-colored ale comes from a time when one of Florida’s first brewers had an idea for a single beer and inspiration from the fruity ales of the Old World and he had to share that alchemy with the world.  Thus, Monk in the Trunk Amber Ale was born and survives to this day.

This copper-colored ale’s fruity and slightly spicy aroma and flavor profile derive from the use of quality organic brewing materials and a Belgian yeast strain.

The newest evolution of this Belgian-inspired ale is its transition into cans.

From Inlet Brewing Company:

Monk in the Trunk Amber Ale label


About Monk in the Trunk Amber Ale
Our flagship beer. This unique copper-colored ale derives its fruity, slightly spicy aroma from authentic Belgian Abbey yeast. The subtle nutty and malty sweet flavors sing in harmony with the freshest organic hops available. Monk In The Trunk devotees are known to chant about its most intriguing quality, true drinkability.

The inspiration to create this fine organic beer was provided by the tale of a legendary Belgian Monk who spanned the globe in search of only the best ingredients from this fertile earth. Drawn to our shores by the great beacon which is the Jupiter Lighthouse, he discovered the missing component to fulfill his quest to brew the perfect beer. In the spirit of the Monk, Friar Ray suggests you keep it real…drink organic.

Inlet Brewing Company logo


About Inlet Brewing Company
Our goal has always been to create well rounded, Belgian-inspired beers which offer just the right combination bringing together Florida and Belgium. Monk in the Trunk, our flagship beer, offers the perfect balance.