Lone Pine Brewing Company is now available in Florida

Just in time for summer, Lone Pine Brewing Company is now distributing to the state of Florida.

The Portland and Gorham based Maine brewery expanded its growing distribution network to include the sunshine state. The move comes after a strategic approach to expansion in several states last year was met with success.

Lone Pine Brewing Tap HandlesAlthough the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many breweries to adapt to the rapidly changing environment and think of creative ways to stay afloat, the plan to build a presence in Florida has been on Lone Pine’s roadmap for a very long time.

“Obviously the situation with the coronavirus has been hard and slowed a lot of us down,” said Tom Madden, co-founder/head brewer, Lone Pine Brewing.  “We’re beyond excited to notch a win for the team, especially since it’s been part of our plan for a long time. I think a growth story right now is pretty rare, and we feel really fortunate to have one we can share with people.”

Lone Pine is distributing to Florida via Sunshine State Distributing and will be available in 22 counties including Miami-Dade, Lake, Manatee, and Orange.

“We’re really excited about this one,” said John Paul, co-founder, Lone Pine Brewing. “Florida has an absolutely booming craft beer scene and we’ve wanted to have our beers on the shelves there for a long time. We also know that a lot of people in Maine like to travel to Florida. We always felt this was a great way to introduce ourselves in a new market while still being available to our local friends and family while they travel.”

Lone Pine Brewing is now available in a dozen states, with Florida joining Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, and Utah.

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About Lone Pine Brewing Company
Lone Pine Brewing Company is a Gorham and Portland, Maine, based brewery focusing on American ales and small batch specialty beers that feature unique, local ingredients. Founded in 2016, Lone Pine currently operates its production facilities in Gorham, with tasting rooms in both Gorham and on Anderson Street in the East Bayside neighborhood of Portland.

The Brewers Association named Lone Pine the fourth fastest-growing brewery in the nation in 2018. Learn more at www.lonepinebrewery.com.