Michigan’s Pigeon Hill Brewing is sending beer to Florida

Press Release: Pigeon Hill Brewing Company, a Michigan-based craft brewery, is excited to announce the arrival of its award-winning lineup to the South. For its first foray outside of Michigan, Pigeon Hill has agreed to limited distribution within the state of Florida. Starting next week, the first selections from Pigeon Hill’s core lineup of beers will be available in cans in finer craft beer stores.

In partnership with Sunshine State Distribution, Pigeon Hill is initially offering five beers to the market including Beach Please Wheat, No Diggnity New England IPA, Salted Caramel Porter (S.C.P.), Oatmeal Cream Pie (O.C.P.), and Renny Double IPA. More core brands and other limited rotational offerings are expected to make their way to the sunshine state in the near future.

Pigeon Hill is Florida Bound. Man on forklift with "Florida Bound" in  text.

During its six years of operation, Pigeon Hill Brewing Company has succeeded using more elbow grease than capital and more determination than experience. As a testament to their love for their community and its history, their taproom became a living museum, with lights from historic Muskegon foundries, tables built from lumber era pine, and decorations celebrating Muskegon and its rich brewing history. In the last four years, operations have grown exponentially, leading Pigeon Hill to distribute its award-winning beers throughout each corner of Michigan.

“To call this an exciting time for Pigeon Hill would certainly be an understatement,” said Michael Brower, Co-Founder and Director of Sales and Marketing at Pigeon Hill Brewing Co. “As a bunch of blue-collar boys who were able to use craft beer as a way to help our community – and export our Community’s product throughout Michigan – we’ve always felt lucky. Now we see the opportunity to send great beer – and our modern rustbelt export – to Florida. It’s an honor and a challenge, and we’re excited to use our beer to grow the bonds between Michigan and Florida. While home has always been our focus, we’re confident that we can really serve all of these missions with the support of our distribution partner, Sunshine State, and the added insight of Simplespeak Marketing.”

So, what’s next for Pigeon Hill Brewing Company? “Smart growth is more important than fast growth. Since the very beginning, we’ve believed more in growing organically, focusing on quality, and building a foundation. While the world is very different now than when we made our 2020 plans, our strategy has put us in a great place, where we decide our future based on ‘what we want to be.’ For now, we don’t have all the answers, but we’re excited to keep making and exporting great Muskegon beer to everyone who wants it.”

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About Pigeon Hill Brewing Company
Pigeon Hill Brewing Co is a premier craft brewery out of Muskegon, MI. Founded in 2014 by Joel Kamp, Chad Doane, and Michael Brower with what little money their wives would let them take out of joint bank accounts, Pigeon Hill has organically grown to a three-facility operation centered around a 20-barrel brewhouse. Thanks to style-bending beers such as Oatmeal Crème Pie, Salted Caramel Porter, Renny DIPA, and Cinna-Mom on French Toast, Pigeon Hill’s reputation for crafting excellent beer continues to drive both accolades and industry-exceeding growth.